• Helps in boosting immunity:
  • It helps in strengthening your immune system because it contains certain acids and properties that help in improving your white blood cell count. Having a tablespoon of coconut oil can protect you from cold and flu and certain other infections like athlete’s foot, throat infections, diaper rash etc.

    1. Makes you Slim and Smart:benefits of coconut oil

    Worried how to lose weight? Well coconut oil can also help you in that. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids which are easily digestible and can be used directly by liver for energy, thus increasing fat burning. Abdominal fat (which is a common and serious problem) can be reduced with the help of coconut oil.

    1. Lubricant:

    It can be used as a lubricant for any electronic or kitchen appliance, even for scissors.

    1. Protector and healer:

    Applying a thin layer of coconut oil on cuts or scratches can save that part from air, dust, harmful bacteria and viruses. It also helps in speeding up the healing process of bruises and damaged tissues.

    Also gives relief on itchiness of a bug bite.

    1. Good for bones and teeth:

    Coconut oil helps in absorption of important minerals like calcium and magnesium that are quite essential in keeping our bones and teeth healthy.


    Take little bit of coconut oil and baking soda, mix them together and rub it on your skin in circular motions gently. Then rinse it off with water. Your skin will glow!