Getting married is no doubt getting into a life-long commitment in which you are obligated to stay with your chosen partner for the rest of your life. It is however regrettable that just when many are getting married, many others are filing for divorce in courts of law. Many of those who opt to file for divorce happen to be those who do not experience any kind of happiness in their marriage, which may be because of their partner’s faults, mistakes or outright violence. There are however secrets to remain happily married till death do you part.

Less Talk

There is nothing great as talking less when you really need to remain happily married. Although women are generally known to be talkative, talking less while carefully choosing your words makes your spouse reflect on whatever it is that is the issue. Addressing an issue through too much talk simply makes your spouse develop a feeling that you are dressing him/her down, reducing him/her to the level of child.


Showing that you appreciate your spouse is important to having a happy marriage. Regardless of your spouse’s faults or mistakes, showing that you appreciate him/her serves to indicate to him/her that you still value him/her, which goes a long way in making your spouse think twice about you. He/she is certainly bound to show appreciation as a way of reciprocating yours.


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There is no doubt that differences and misunderstandings are common in homes. Most of these do happen simply because either the man or the woman has failed to understand his/her spouse. It pays to understand your spouse’s actions and words so as to prevent simple differences that can otherwise spell doom for your family’s togetherness.


Closely related to understanding is listening. You need to listen whenever your spouse talks to you. Dismissing what he/she says can be translated to mean lack of interest or disobedience, which is a fertile ground for serious confrontation leading to unhappiness.


Support plays a very important role in encouraging happiness in the family. There is no doubt that we all go through difficult moments that leave us stressed and overwhelmed. This is why it is important that you show some level of support when your spouse feels down. Your support will no doubt be reciprocated through understanding and acts of kindness.