Positive Attitude

Regardless of a situation or problem that either of you or both of you go through, it is always a good idea to remain positive in how you talk and behave. Developing a negative attitude whenever you are confronted with challenges simply makes your spouse loose hope in you, which brings unhappiness in your home.


The word ‘sorry” may sound an ordinary word yet is one of the most powerful words you can use to have a very happy family. There is no doubt that we all err. You can indeed err without your knowledge, something that can annoy your spouse. Simply telling your spouse “sorry” has the positive effect of making him/her realize that you have indeed noted your mistake.

Ignore Small Stuff

Marriage life can be very demanding and it can only take a slight misunderstanding to see a couple go different ways. It does not need to be so. It pays to ignore small stuff in the house that you know may bring up serious problems should you decide to follow them up.

Change Yourself

Getting married requires that you or your spouse abandons some things that can otherwise be very dear. A very common thing that many do and which has brought about serious disagreements in families is when one of the spouses tries to change the other. It is important that you work on changing yourself rather than your spouse to prevent serious disagreements that bring unhappiness in the family.


Are you committed to your spouse and your family? Simply showing that you are committed to your spouse and your family makes your spouse and other family members feel happy knowing that you care for them.

Happiness in any marriage is never automatic. It requires some effort from you and from you spouse. Such efforts do not need to be that big; it involves doing small things that most couples ignore.