A nervous breakdown is sometimes difficult to analyze yourself. It takes place due to a root cause and it is not necessary that only depressed people have it. In this post, we will identify its symptoms so you can catch it early and avoid catastrophic damage to your psychological state of mind:

1.Mood Swingsmood_swings

Mood swings manifest when you are having a nervous breakdown. You might find yourself bursting out in anger unexpectedly in situations you would normally be calm. If you’re going through an emotional roller coaster, you should get checked out. This indicates a serious problem.


Clinical depression is a big symptom too. If you find yourself gaining or losing a lot of weight because of an eating disorder, or thinking a lot about self-torture and suicide, it is time to visit a psychologist.

3.Becoming Anti-Social

If you find yourself avoiding social situations and deliberately missing out on get-togethers you previously would have enjoyed, it is also another symptom. You may find yourself preferring to be lonely rather than enjoying some time out with your closest friends.

4.Palpitation and Panicnervous breakdown

Living life with worries about things that are usually unavoidable, manageable or even out of our hands usually gives us more stress than its worth. If you’re having financial or personal problems confiding in a close aide might help but even if that doesn’t rescue you and it gets very serious, you should be seeking medical therapy before things get worse. Living a life with stress and tension can lead to serious heart-related problems including palpitations.

5. Hallucinations

A troubled mind can play tricks on you. People suffering from hallucinations may provide harm to people around them or even to themselves. Victims of hallucinations are usually unable to identify the difference between illusion and reality. It is nearly impossible to convince them otherwise.


Human’s are usually goal-oriented and like to follow a routine and achieve their respective goals in life. If for some reason you feel tired and don’t want to get out of bed, or even wake up feeling tired, don’t want to do any activities or have lost track of your goals. Who know’s, you may just be lazy but it never hurts to get checked out.

7.Dependence on Alcohol or Drugs

Life can be tough and we can all go astray. Many people drink alcohol on a regular basis and even try drugs for their own reasons. If you for some reason find yourself dependent on these vices you may have some underlying unresolved issues which a psychiatrist could help figuring out. Think about setting up that appointment.


Having the death of a close one or a regretful event re-run in your head can be a terrible thing. That happening uncontrollably is unimaginable. People who face these flashbacks have been through events that caused them severe mental trauma. Their mind’s keep recalling that event again and again and it impairs their ability to lead a normal life. This happens mostly with soldiers who see brutal scenes while doing their duties.

9.Low Self-Esteem

A person’s surroundings account for a lot of their self-esteem. The people they grow up with, the way they treat them and the achievements they are able to make in life define a person. Some of us face people and events that drag down their self-esteem to a debilitating point where they can no longer function properly in society. This can lead to isolation and then clinical depression. Love your family, especially those that are challenged, they need you the most.


If you are continuously finding it difficult to sleep and are trying different methods to induce sleep such as drugs or over the counter medicine, you better check up the causes behind it. Insomnia can occur because of anxiety issues which should not be there. Most people who can’t sleep well don’t function too well because of the lack of sleep and energy. Insomnia usually occurs when a person is not mentally at peace and is usually resolved by changing the way a person leads their life.

Ever had a nervous breakdown? How’d you deal with it? Tell us in the comments below. You can also check up on this post about a self discipline program and see if that helps!