Carrying handbag is nit just a trend but a necessity because you never know what you may need. Apart from money and credit cards, there are some important things that you should carry in your handbag thus keeping yourself safe from any panic or embarrassment. Want to know what are those? Well we will tell you for sure :)

10 Must Haves in Your Handbag

1.Face Wipes and Pocket Tissues

Face wipes are another must-have if you have dry or oily skin. A face wipe is a magic tool – it refreshes the skin and removes any oily patches from your face. On the go, it is your refresh button! For the crumbs on your dress, or for the mud on your shoes, tissues save the day. That is why, having them in your bag is absolutely essential! They clear up your clumsy mistakes before you drop in for a meeting or a party.

pocket tissues



2. Compact Mirror

A compact mirror is essential for a lady. This is because you might want to check up on your hair and appearance before you make a call at someone’s place, or before you leave a restaurant to check if your face has any signs you licked up a chocolate ice cream ;)

compact mirror

3. Hand Sanitizer

At a workplace or at a restaurant or anywhere out with friends, a hand sanitizer makes hygiene easy. Before you eat, it helps eliminate germs and even after, it helps you refresh your hands. All eateries don’t have a place for washing hands and it is cumbersome to look for one at a new place. Popping this in your handbag will keep your hands germ-free and fresh.


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4. A Compact Hair Brush

Landing at someone’s place with wind-swept hair can be quite embarrassing, which is why a hairbrush is a must-have. You can quickly settle your hair into place before you enter a boardroom or leave for a party from your workplace. At an evening out, you can check on your hair before taking selfies! Keep a compact one, that folds, to keep stray hair out of the way and your handbag less bulky.


5. A Little Bit of Make-up

Keeping make-up with you can help you any hour of the day. It is essential to keep something that suits your face and will not look over-done. For instance, if you have a rather pale complexion, you might want to go with keeping some blush-on in your handbag to give yourself a quick glow. If you have soft eyes, keeping an eye pencil will benefit you more. Or keep a small pouch with all essentials!

Image credit: Meenakshi Mandhavan

Image credit: Meenakshi Mandhavan

Products worth keeping:

  • The lip and cheek stain by The Body Shop. It works for both cheeks and lips!
  • L’oreal Color Riche Eyeliner. It has a smudger included which is ideal for creating a soft or sharp look depending on where you intend to go.