6.Deodorant or a Body Spray

Who wants to smell bad? Of course no one unless you like your body odor :D. Always keep a deodorant or a body spray in your handbag, maybe your boyfriend wants to give you a hug, you cannot ruin that moment of love by smelling bad. Also smelling good makes you more appealing!

body spray

7. Sanitary Pads

Always be prepared for mother nature. I don’t think I have to explain much on this!


8. Pen and Notebook

For jotting down important reminders, or a number, or an essential email address, a pen and notebook are saviors. You never know when your cellphone will be low on battery and you won’t have a place to charge it, so always keep these handy. Moreover, signatures can be require anywhere so keeping a pen with you saves the trouble of asking around.


Image credit: Jeremy Jenum


9. Mouth Freshener

Your mouth never hides what you eat… right? But the thing is that no one wants to smell what you ate! A foul breathe can be an easy turn-off for any one so if you are planning to get closer to someone or if you want to talk and laugh with your friends make sure to pop in a mint gum or any mouth freshener you like.

Image credit: Pascua Theus

Image credit: Pascua Theus

10. Cell-phone Charger

We all know the trauma when the cellphone gives feeble beeps that it needs a recharge and stops working. Keeping your charger with you wherever you go will help you save the trouble of running around for a telephone booth. You can charge it at your workplace or even at a supermarket at the teller’s.


keeping these must-haves in your handbag can save you from any trouble and you will be enjoying your day to the fullest.

I have shared mine but are there any other essentials that you think everyone needs? Tell us!