tips to relieve stress and anxiety

As human beings, we all go through phases where things start becoming worrisome. Stress and anxiety are a natural phenomenon. Dealing with them at the right time can save you from their drastic effects. An untreated anxiety can lead to many serious mental issues which nobody wants. In this article, we have come up with some very useful and easy tips to relieve stress and anxiety that will help you get back to your happy stress-free life.

Tips to Relieve Stress and Anxiety:

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Your stress hormones reach their lowest levels when you laugh, and oxygen intake even increases. It gives you a feeling of well-being and takes your troubles away. Watch a few funny movies, go out with friends and have a good time.


Take up a routine of meditation, such as yoga. Join a yoga class, you may even meet new positive people, always good to have those in your life. Meditation relieves you of stress in the long term and also makes your cardiovascular health better.

tips to relieve stress and anxiety

Schedules and Balances

Life is always busy and we all want to get as much done as possible, while we still can. Even though this may be the case, scheduling and balance will make the quality of your life a thousand times better. You will find you achieve more in less time, rather than haphazardly moving onto every other thing that pops into the mind.

Cuddle a Pet

Pets can be great companions and a great experience to grow as well. They’re also great to cuddle with and relieve anxiety from time to time. Sometimes all you need is silence and a quiet friend.

Low-fat Carbohydrates

Snack on Fruits, Vegetables (like celery) and even Popcorn to relieve stress. Such low-fat carbs greatly help in decreasing stress levels, also called serotonin levels.


Exercise helps your body release the ‘feel-good hormones’ that make you feel so much better and happier. Take out some time in the morning, a 15-minute workout goes a long way. I promise you if you do this religiously on a daily basis you will feel a hundred times better. You can gradually increase your workout period over time.  If that’s not your thing, you can always take a brisk walk or jog outside, granted the weather is good.

Expose Yourself to Sunlight

If you have a room or house that doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight, move to a place that does. Natural light is key to feeling joyful. In patients with depression, artificial light is increasingly being used for psychotherapy, which shows how light is necessary for mental well-being.


Join a charity organisation, where you can make a difference in your community through volunteering. It may be an orphanage or old-age home. Bringing smiles to other people’s faces makes one feel so much happier and better.

Proper Sleep

Maintaining a sleep routine is a key to keeping off stress and anxiety. Humans crave routine and are accustomed to it. Remaining awake throughout the night or changing routines every so often will result in a disturbed, stressful life. You may even end up depressed, remember a lack of sleep may make you sick.

tips to relieve stress and anxiety

Keep a Journal

Writing down your troubles makes them tangible and helps in solving them out. You don’t even need to hire your own therapist!

Stress and anxiety come in different forms. If they are temporary, then these 10 tips to relieve stress and anxiety will definitely work but if your stress levels continue to grow then it’s better to seek professional help.

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