With pollution rising day by day and busy routines becoming the norm, it becomes difficult to maintain healthy, radiant and clear skin. However, with these simple secrets, you are good to go!

1. Never Dehydrate Yourself

Keeping your water intake on track helps maintain clear and healthy skin for a lifetime. Always keep a water bottle with you on the go so that you and your skin don’t suffer. Hydration is a cure for dry, flaky skin.


water for skin

2. Use Rose Water as an Astringent

Rose water is an excellent astringent and should be part of your daily skin routine. Keep a spray bottle of rose water on your table and just sprinkle on your face for an instant refreshing glow. During dry weather, mix it with glycerin to keep your skin fresh and supple. Instead of using chemical toners, use rose water as a natural toner for your skin.


3. Massage your Face

We always undermine the necessity of keeping our blood circulation in check, especially for our face. This is why it is essential to lightly massage your face while applying a mask or scrub. Lightly drum your fingers and always apply in circular motions. This will maintain a healthy glow on your face. face massage for glowing skin

4. Use Natural Detox

It is not only necessary to cleanse externally but internally as well. Keep your blood free of impurities by detoxification. This will help reduce breakouts and aid your maintenance of clear skin. Have green tea daily. For a fresh morning detox, mix honey in warm water.

natural detox for skin

5. Use Gram Flour to Reduce Tanning

Exposure to sunlight can tan your skin for which gram flour is a proven remedy. Mix it with a little milk and a squirt of lemon juice to make a mask. This will lighten your skin to a great deal, and reduce oiliness due to the outdoor trip you just came back from.

gram flour for clear skin

6. Exfoliate with Tomato

Tomato pulp is a brilliant way to cleanse and exfoliate at the same time. It sloughs away dead and dry skin, and gives your skin a super glow.

Getting ready for a party? Just cut up a cold tomato, apply the pulp on your face, and wash off after five minutes. You will have your skin clean and glowing. Sebum clogs pores, hence weekly exfoliation is necessary!

exfoliating with tomatoes

7. Help your Pores with Fuller’s Earth

It is necessary to tighten pores as open pores can greatly increase zits and sebum production. This is why preparing a natural face mask can help your skin. Mix 1/2 tbsp of this wonder product in rose water and apply for 10 minutes. When it dries off, wash it off, it will bring natural radiance to your skin.

fuller's earth mask

8. Use Soft Towels

Treat your skin gently and always pat it dry with soft towels. Using coarse towels on your face and rubbing it dry will damage your pores.


face towels for glowing skin

9. Change your Pillow Covers and Towels

Our hygiene greatly determines our skin, which is why it is essential to have your linen clean and fresh. The body keeps shedding dead skin and sleeping on old pillow covers can lead to more breakouts and acne problems. Never share pillows or towels and keep washing them regularly.


pillow covers

10. Reduce Dark Circles with Green Tea Leaves

Don’t throw away your green tea bags or leaves. While they are still damp, pop them in the fridge for a few minutes and keep them on your eyes during a short nap. For leaves, wrap them in a thin cloth before placing. The tannin and caffeine will help de-stress those puffy eyes and reduce your dark circles, leading to radiant skin.


green tea leaves

11. Keep your Skin Blackhead-free

It is necessary to remove blackheads that erupt, especially on oily skin. The nose area is especially prone to them. To remove them, use a natural mixture of baking soda, and granulated sugar, one tablespoon each with some water. Apply it on wet skin for a few minutes and rinse it off with warm water. For stubborn blackheads and whiteheads, use a blackhead remover but gently. Visiting a salon for this job can be better.


12. Choose your Products Wisely

It is necessary to choose your daily cleanser and other skin products as per your skin type. For a quick guide, use the picture or visit a dermatologist if you are confused. This will prevent you from damaging your skin. For instance, greasy moisturisers on oily skin will make it feel unclean and clog pores. Hence, know your skin for intelligent purchasing.


Image credit: bathandunwind

Image credit: bathandunwind


Not only these tips will give you a beautiful skin but will also help you prevent skin aging. Now that you know all the above secrets, shine at a party with a clear and glowing skin each and every time :)

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