6) Cleanse with Grapes

Mash a few grapes and apply the pulp to your face for a quick clean-up.


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7) Use Potato Pulp

For the blemishes that your acne-prone skin has to suffer, potato pulp can help. Leave your skin wet after washing it, and use grated potato for rubbing onto your skin. The naturally available potassium and sulphur in potatoes nourishes skin.


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8) Use a Mud Pack

Fuller’s Earth, mentioned in one of our earlier articles is a wonderful solution for acne-prone skin. It unclogs pores, that’s why mixing it with rose water and then using this as a face mask can tame the acne.

face mask fore acne


9) Disinfect with Tea-tree Oil

This is available at natural medicine stores. Dilute a little in water and apply on the affected areas. Use this solution way few times in a day. It is an anti-septic and will help remove the bacteria that spread acne.

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Image credit: Wikipedia

10) Exfoliate with Baking Soda

Removing dead skin and cleaning your pores should be regular for acne-prone skin. Once or twice in a week, mix two teaspoons of baking soda in water to make a paste. Apply it for a few minutes and wash off. Also check out our another tip for baking soda.