11) Don’t drink All your Green Tea

Yes, you read it right. Keep some of the tea aside for sprinkling on your face. Cool it before using it for your skin. You can also use the leaves you have brewed, by wrapping them in gauze and applying as a cool compress. Antioxidants in green tea aid the removal of acne.

green tea

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12) Make a Sugar Scrub

Using a sugar scrub can aid exfoliation. Mix brown sugar in honey, and then use it as a scrub , it will make your skin feel soft and will help prevent occurrence of pimples.


13) Use Turmeric

Turmeric is considered a refreshing agent for facial skin. Mix a little in water and apply to your face for a while before washing off.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Image credit: Wikipedia

14) Go Garlic

Garlic has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Take a clove of garlic and apply on your affected areas. It will help stop the acne from spreading.

Image credit: Wikimedia

Image credit: Wikimedia

15) Recycle Banana Peels

Don’t throw them away – use banana peels for your skin. They will greatly reduce the swelling. Simply rub a banana peel on your skin. The lutein in them acts to reduce inflammation.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Image credit: Wikipedia


I hope you found these home remedies for acne quite useful. Share with us if the tips worked out or not!