Protein is one of the three key nutrients that must be included in our diet. To repair worn-out cells, damaged tissues, for regeneration and growth, protein is essential. Those who have followed a rigorous Atkins diet to lose weight would know that the following are high sources of protein. Here we discuss some high protein foods, set to nourish your health.

We begin with foods that are there in your daily diet but go unnoticed, going down to those hidden wonders that you should definitely be discovering.

High protein foods


We all have been drinking milk since birth, and rightfully so. A cup of milk gives 8g of protein to you, making it a good source of the nutrient.

2. Eggs


Yummy steak
Image credit: Mark Walker

Eggs deserve that special place on your breakfast menu. One egg can provide 4g of protein on average. For every 100g, you can avail 13g of protein. The protein to calorie ratio is also impressive, 1g protein per 12g calories! Egg-white is a rich source of protein so the next time you are making meringue, be assured that protein is there in your dessert.

3. Chicken breast and meat

A chicken breast can provide more protein than an egg – 30g of protein per 100g. Hence it is known as a ‘protein’ by chefs. Trainers do not allow people who wish to lose weight to eat anything other than chicken for lunch or dinner. If you want to shed those pounds quickly, making chicken meat your companion is a good way to go.

4. Fish fillet and steak

Fish is another well-known protein. Apart from increasing your IQ, fish is a rich source of this important nutrient. For every 100g of cooked fish, you receive about 22g of protein.

5. Tuna

If you consume a can of tuna that is 6 ounces, you are eating a whooping 40 grams of protein! A tuna sandwich can be a wonderful way to make your lunch healthy.