11. Edamame

Edamame is another name for bolied green soya beans. This is again a plant-based protein. It is an all-in-one package, with proteins, carbs, fibre and unsaturated fat. You can snack on edamame easily.

12. Lentils

Mostly eaten in Asian countries, lentils are also packed with fibre, so that you feel full all day. For a cup of cooked lentils, you get 18 g of protein.

13. Quinoa


Quinoa Breakfast
Image credit: Jennifer

It makes for healthy breakfast cereal giving you 8g of protein per cup. Instead of the sugary packed cereals, go for quinoa with skimmed milk and a sprinkle of nuts. Like lentils, it also has a lot of fibre.

14. Peanuts

For that lazy walk down the road, don’t sip on the sugar-laden processed juice. Why not munch on peanuts instead? They give you 9g of protein just for 1/4 of a cup!

15. Scallops

They are low on fat and high in protein making it a lean choice but a rich protein source. For 3.5 ounces, you get 15 grams of protein. Since they are easier to cook, it gives you the incentive to fall back on scallops, for lazy yet healthy days.

Featured image credit: Stu_Spivack

Proteins should always be there in an average person’s diet. However, children, pregnant women and aging people should seek high-protein foods. It has also been said that protein reduces the risk of osteoporosis and even renal failure. If you are diet-conscious, you have another reason to eat more of the above as replacements for carbohydrate-laden foods.

Have you ever tried any high protein foods? How did you cook them? Feel free to share!