11. Use waterproof mascara because you don’t want a blackened face when you go out into the snow.

We Recommend:

  • Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Smoky Lash


12. You might be tired of using black eyeliner with black mascara. Try a change this winter by creating soft brown tones on your eyes. Use a bronze eyeliner or a purple one. Complement it with matching eye shadow hues.

We Recommend:

  • L’Oreal HIP Gold Charge Chrome
eye makeup

Image credit: lizmarieblog.com



13. Dark maroons, burgundy complement winter days best!

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

We Recommend:

  • Essie’s ‘up’s’ and ‘wicked’ shades


14. Create some cool nail art, literally! You can make your own snowflakes on your nails using a toothpick. Paint your nails a light blue. Then take some white nailpolish and dip in a toothpick. Use it to create lines that join to make small snowflakes on your nails! Put dots using the brush at the ends of the lines to complete the look.


nail art

Image credit: Pinterest


15. Yes, even the fragrance should be wintry. It should have warmth and a sweetness to go with it without being too over-powering.

We Recommend:

  • Christian Dior’s Jador


Winters are fun. A cup of coffee, coziness in blanket , playing in snow and what not but as season changes so does our preferences. We go out buying new clothes, grocery and things that suits the best. Winter makeup tips and trendy winter outfits is all you need to look hot this season and we believe we have given you both.Now have fun! :)

Will you go for all or any of the makeup ideas described above? Share your thoughts with us!