Food is meant to be eaten, that is a fact. Remember the saying “There is no love sincere than the love of food” by George Shaw. How food is prepared and what is included in it, is what makes one’s food different from yours. This is in case you both prepare the same type of food. However, there are those foods that you must eat to remain alive. There are also those foods that you long to eat even though they may not be important in terms of nutrition. But do not forget that there are foods that you long to eat simply because you hear or read that they are some of the most delicious foods in the world. Below are just 15 of them:

most delicious food

massaman curry
Image credit: MarkGuim

1.Massaman Curry

This is no doubt the queen of all curries from across the world, no wonder Thailand is referred to as ‘The land of Smiles”. This food is a blend of different flavors including that of spices and coconut, the ingredients that go into making the food. The best way to savor this food is to eat it with properly prepared rice.

2.Neapolitan Pizza

Travel from Thailand and head to Italy where you find the famous Neapolitan pizza. Whoever indicated that the best pizza was and still remains the simple Neapolitan pizza was never wrong. Cooked with refined sea salt, olive oil, basil, specific types of tomato and wheat flour that is hand-rolled to form dough, this food is cooked using wood-fired oven, giving it a savory natural flavor comparable to no other food.

3.Masala dosa

most delicious food in the world

masala dosa
Image credit: Ben Dalton

The Indian sub-continent has never failed to provide the world with something unique. One of these is Masala dosa; a delicious crispy crepe made with spices and mashed potato before dipping in coconut chutney and tomatoes together with such other condiments as lentil sauces added. It is a delicious breakfast food that does not only going till lunch but keeps you asking for more.


The Japanese are known to live longer than others in other parts of the world, thanks to Sushi. Eating Sushi does not only allow you to live long; it is also one of the most delicious foods in the world. Although only prepared using fish and rice, the Japanese seem to have discovered a little secret that they use to prepare it, a secret that gives it an unbelievable flavor.

5.Peking duck

Do not fail to travel to China while still in Asia. Go into a restaurant and order roasted Peking duck but do not be surprised to be brought a lot of the skin instead of the meat. The delicious part of Peking duck is in its skin and how it is prepared, a preparation that yields crispy and syrup-coated syrup. Just ensure that you have it with hoisin, pancake and chopped raw onions.