Enough of Asia, head to Europe and land in Germany where Germans (and tourists) spend over US$20 billion annually in a chain of restaurants whose specialty is Hamburger. The combination of salad, meat, bread and preparation technique that goes into making Hamburger leaves you asking instead of ordering for more of it.

7.Penang assam laksa

You need to consider traveling back to Asia but to a different location; Malaysia. Do ensure that you taste Malaysia’s most popular dish, Penang assam laksa whose preparation involves tamarind, chili, mint, onions, pineapple and flaked mackerel. You will want to consider extending your stay in the country.

8.Tom yum goong

Consider traveling back to Thailand but forget about Massaman curry this time round. Search for Tom yum goong instead. Made with mushrooms, shrimp, tomatoes, galangal, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass, eating this heart soup is like all Thai soup from one plate. Its sour, spicy and salty taste tastes like no other soup.

9.Chicken Muamba


Image credit: Neil Conway

Do not rest thinking that you have had the taste of chicken in case you have not sampled chicken muamba from Gabon in Africa. Unlike your ordinary chicken, chicken muamba is prepared with hot chili, salt, pepper, okra, tomato, garlic and palm butter, ingredients that make you want more of the chicken.


Consider travelling from West Africa to Canada where you find Poutine that you will be better off enjoying after a bottle or two of beer. This is French fry but with a difference; it is a mixture of French beans and fried potato smothered in cheese curds. Do not mind its appearance, focus on the taste.