For a healthy and active life, sleep plays a vital role. It is as important as eating, breathing, and other phenomena of life. In today’s fast paced world no sleep or sleeping late has become a norm but if you look at it closely then you will be surprised to know that lack of sleep i.e. sleep deprivation can adversely affect any individual’s life in a number of ways.

1. Sleep Deprivation And Nervous System

Brain is a very important organ in human body controlling all its functions. It needs rest but if there is sleep deprivation than you are not able to concentrate on anything which not only affect your health but also your social and professional life.

2. Memory

Your memory gets affected which can be a serious concern in certain situations.

3. Mood Fluctuation

Mood swings due to lack of sleep can be really bothering, not only for yourself but also for people in your surroundings and this affects your relationships in a negative way.

4. Daily Routine

It can affect your routine activities, such as house chores, office work, interaction with people and many more. These simple chores seem like a mountain to a restless and a sleepless person.

5. Depression

If sleep deprivation persists for a longer period of time then it can even lead to depression and sometimes suicidal thoughts.