6. Risk Of Accidents

Driving becomes a serious problem with people who are suffering from lack of sleep. Their bad habit of not sleeping enough can lead to road traffic accidents while driving or they may trip or fall while walking on the streets which can injure them.

7. Decreased Immunity

To strengthen immune system there are many cytokines and antibodies produced in the body during sleep. But if a person is not taking enough sleep then he or she becomes prone to various illnesses.

8. Weight Gain

To our surprise sleep deprivation can cause weight gain. Less sleep leads to some changes in the hormonal spectrum of the body which leads to increase consumption of food leading to weight gain.

9. Risk Of Diabetes

Insulin release becomes more active because of sleeplessness. Along with weight gain, this can cause diabetes which is a serious health issue.

10. Cardiovascular Problems

Lack of sleep increases the risk of stroke and heart problems which can be fatal in certain cases.

sleep deprivation

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