11. Growth Retardation

If a child develops sleep deprivation then it can retard the production of growth hormone which is crucial for body’s growth and development.

12. Dependency on Medications

A lot of people start taking sleep medications to overcome sleep deprivation and these medicines not only make an individual dependent on them but also carry a lot of side effects.

13. Osteoporosis

Lack of sleep is also associated with osteoporosis which can be due to disturbances in hormones release.

14. Sexual Life

Sleeplessness has an adverse affect on sexual life.  A study conducted shows that man suffering from sleep deprivation have significantly lower levels of testosterone which makes him inactive in bed.

15. Skin Problems

Lack of sleep gives you puffy eye and it also ages your skin which is a serious concern for a lot of ladies out there! Find out more about skin aging in our article skin aging-causes and cure.


We all should not be underestimating the importance of sleep as it is not a waste of time. The body mechanisms are performing their functions even when we are sleeping. One should seriously start to work on his sleeping patterns if he is facing sleep deprivation to avoid all these serious issues.