Winter brings christmas which means the beloved christmas tree! Decorating it brings the family all together and makes it an enjoyable process in itself. It is an important life occasion and since taste differs from person to person, we bring you 16 different ideas!

1. Light it Up

A very popular form of decorating – using small lights that can be switched on and off! You can also use blinking ones. Hang them on the tree’s branches and make sure you have a plug point nearby.


christmas tree

Image Credit: Wallpaperish

2. Make it Yummy

Hang small, sweet eatables by passing wires through their wrappers, such as Hershey’s kisses, or chocolates and sweets, as per your taste. It will lend it a bright, attractive appeal for children especially.



3. Hang on Cuddly Toys

If you wish to make the tree a cuddly gift in itself, hang small soft toys like bears and angels. Guests can pluck the ones they like!



4. Make it Starry

Another famous way of decoration, you can go all starry and hang shiny, colored stars using small wires all over the tree. Simply cut them out from shiny paper, and add a bit of glitter glue.