6. Microwave Popcorn


A bag of yummy popcorn cooked in the microwave is lined with cancer causing chemicals. So go for the conventional popping machine!

7. Farmed Salmon


Image credit: pogogi.com

Salmon specially fished from pens and ‘fish-farms’ is higher in pesticides and contaminants. Researchers warn that they can cause cancer easily, especially DDT.

8. GMOs


Genetically-modified organisms – food that is genetically modified to grow better and more in fields. Such food is risky and that is why eating organic food has been stressed upon so much by nutritionists.

9. Non-Organic Potatoes


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Potatoes when grown are fed with such herbicides that they won’t sprout after being picked. These are absorbed into the flesh and are dangerous. Go organic and spend that extra dollar to get organic potatoes instead.

10. Non-Organic Apples


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Apples are doused with pesticides as they don’t develop resistance to pests easily. That is why you should be going for organic apples also. Or, wash them a lot and peel them before eating them.