11. Processed Meat


processed meat

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Go to the butcher to get fresh meat. Meat cured with sodium nitrite for a longer shelf life has a lot of potential harmful effects, one of them is cancer.

12.Peanuts and Grains


If you are living in tropical countries then avoid moldy looking nuts because it is then contaminated by type of fungus called  aflatoxins . Aflatoxinsis increases the risk of liver cancer.


13. Hydrogenated Oils


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Such oils alter your cells’ membranes and hence, you should definitely avoid them and products containing them. Go for soya oil or canola oil, or olive oil instead.

14. Fried Snacks


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Yes, that packet of crinkly chips in your hand can cause cancer in the long term. This is because when foods are fried at high temperatures, acrylamide is produced that can metabolise into glycidamide, which has been called a cancer-causing agent.

15. Charred Meat


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If you really enjoy that well-done meat, better avoid it. Such meat is shown to have caused pancreatic cancers.