16. Barbecued meat


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Yes, the very smoked meat that results from barbecued meat can result in you having carcinogens. Lower heat while barbecuing or place a foil over which you can grill. Cooking at very high temperatures can turn the food into harmful substances for you.

17. Oral Tobacco


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If you are chewing on tobacco, it is a very dangerous substance to have. It is a known carcinogen and you should stop right away!

18. Red Meat

red meat

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If you are a fan of eating red meat then be aware because it has been found that excessive eating can increase the chance of cancer. Another research also linked the consumption of red meat to an increased risk of prostate and breast cancers.

19.Refined Sugars


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As found in almost all processed food products it is also one of the causes of cancer.

20. Refined Flour



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The excessive carbohydrate content in refined flour is of serious concern and may increase the chance of breast cancer.


Are you having any of the above cancer causing foods? Then better stay away!