It is perfectly normal to have reasonable amount of dandruff. This is because your skin cells and in particular those on your scalp die away to give room to new cells, a process referred to as flaking. The situation can however be different when flaking becomes excessive. It is that excessiveness that leads to accumulation of dead skin cells on your scalp. This is actually a condition that can be accompanied by itching and redness of your scalp.

There are several factors that can cause this condition including dry skin (scalp), excessive use of shampoo, psoriasis, fungal infection on the scalp and eczema among other causes. Even though there are a number of conventional dandruff treatments, natural remedies have been found to provide long-term benefits. There are indeed people who have managed to combat the condition by using some of the available natural remedies.

Baking Soda

Common in homes, baking soda has the positive effect of exfoliating the skin on your scalp, in effect eliminating dead skin cells from your scalp. It is also a powerful anti-fungus remedy and helps a great deal in preventing growth of fungus on your scalp. The fact that it is available in small particles is also beneficial considering that rubbing it on your scalp goes along way in removing dead skin. A tablespoonful of baking soda mixed in a few drops of water should be enough to give your scalp an effective treat. You may consider adding in rosemary oil although that is optional.

Neem Tree Leaves

Commonly known as Indian herb, a leaf of Neem tree is a powerful anti-fungus remedy. The leaf also contains other beneficial properties that not only kill fungus but also relieve itchiness, which is very common with dandruff. Soaking a handful of Neem tree leaves in warm water should give you a powerful solution that is very effective in addressing this skin condition.


Used in the medical field as a surgical antiseptic and as a mouth wash solution, Listerine is a very powerful remedy when you need to fight and remove dead skin on your scalp. The best way to use Listerine is to mix it with a reasonable amount of water before applying it on your scalp using a spray bottle.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet plays a very useful role in determining health of your skin including your scalp. Eating a diet containing green vegetables, lean protein and healthy oils provide your skin with the most important nutrients it needs to remain moisturized, in effect preventing dry skin, which goes a long way in preventing occurrence of the skin condition.


Lemon juice has for decades been used as a remedy for treating various skin problems. This is because it contains natural acids that are specifically very effective in killing fungus. Furthermore, lemon juice contains Vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant. Applying lemon juice on your scalp does not only provide the necessary moisture, doing so also means applying the natural acids on your scalp, which helps in killing fungus and removing dead skin cells.

These are just a few of natural remedies that have been proven to not only remove dead skin cells on the scalp but also in preventing occurrence of dandruff.