There is really nothing like a perfect woman or man. Even so, every man and woman tries his/her best to find the best partner with whom to share his/her life with. While both men and women care less about qualities of women or men they be-friend, both pay attention to specific qualities when the time comes for settling down in marriage. However, the qualities that men and women look for in their dream partners differ. It is however interesting that it is that difference that forms strong and lasting relationships.

Qualities that every man should look for in his dream woman are:


Every man strives to find an intelligent woman to settle down with. Contrary to what most women believe, men do not want women who give in to everything that they say. A man should look for a woman who is savvy and in a position to stand in his place. Such is the woman who will be able to make informed decisions even when the man is not immediately available.


There is simply nothing great as having an honest woman as a wife. Every man should settle for a woman who exhibits openness and sincerity in all that she says and does. It is on that honesty that man builds trust in his woman.

Independencedream man

No man ever wants a nagging woman around him. Every woman should strive to find a woman who shows some level of independence particularly when it comes to decision-making. It simply does not help to have a woman who will wait for you to make a decision on even some of the simplest issues in the house.


It is said that even the strongest of men need some soft place to fall on. This is very true. Every man needs to settle for a woman who will not only stand by him regardless of a situation but also be able to be supportive in every way she can.


This is probably the only quality that both men and women look for in their dream partners. Every man should settle for a woman who exhibits natural love because such will be the foundation of a happy family.