It is a fact that both men and women establish relationships. While some relationships end up soon as they start, others go on for years with some ending up in marriage. Interestingly, what men and women look for in their dream partners differ.

What a man looks for in his dream wife is not necessarily what a woman looks in him. While a man looks for a woman who will not only be his wife and mother to his children, a woman looks for a man who will love her and her children in addition to providing security for the family.

However, there are some things that both men and women will want to obtain from their dream partners; love, companionship and friendship.

In our last post we discussed 5 must qualities that a man should look for in his dream woman, now we will tell you what qualities a woman should look for in his dream man.


This is one of the most important qualities that every woman should look for in her dream man. It simply will not do to have a man who does not show any signs of being kind and friendly, what about when kids start coming?

dream man

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Every woman should settle for a man who is sensitive in all areas. Such a man should be able to decipher a woman’s signals or words that do not reveal her want openly.


This is probably the most important quality that every woman should look for in her dream man. A confident man is always sure of him self and moves that he makes. A confident man serves as security at home and it is that sense of security that every woman should be looking for. Regardless of what both of you go through, a confidence man will always find the best and quick way of getting out of trouble or in solving a problem.


Living with a man who is not ambitious does not take a woman anywhere. Every woman should settle for a man who has dreams about what he wants to do or achieve in life. Such is the man who will do everything he can do to ensure that his family remains comfortable and well provided for.


There is simply nothing great as love. Every woman should settle for a loving man since that will be the beginning of happiness in the family. Such love should however not be limited to a woman only; it should extend to a woman’s relatives as well.