There is no doubt millions of people from across the world do not rely on their jobs when it comes to making money. Millions are engaged in various part-time jobs, some that pay very well. It is not therefore surprising that many have set up private offices right in their homes from where they work from. There are simply many ways through which you too can make extra money and below are just a few.


Cooking business is one of the oldest businesses known and demand for food items is always on the rise. Establishing a home-based cooking business is no doubt one of the easiest ways to make extra money in case you have culinary skills. In any case, you do not need to cook just any type of food. You may consider restricting yourself to baked food items that you can sell to offices, homes and institutions. You can indeed secure a lucrative contract that allows you to supply the same for a long period of time. You however need to familiarize yourself with your local authority’s legislation’s in regard to cooking at home.

Concierge Service

This is another easy way to make extra money. It is certain that everyone is busy and for many, finding time to accomplish even the simplest of tasks is almost impossible. Starting a concierge service as a way of making extra money can be very rewarding. Undertake to pick-up peoples’ laundry, go shopping and make reservations among many other errands.


The internet no doubt provides you with a very good opportunity to make extra money. Regardless of your skill, you will no doubt find a company, organization or individuals ready to pay for your type of skill. There are indeed many websites you can register with, websites that act as platforms where skilled people and clients with jobs that need to be done meet. There is writing (articles, web content, e-books, blogs, manuals and marketing materials), translation, graphic design, transcription, customer service and many more. You only need to prepare a portfolio that you can send quickly to a prospective client. We also take in guest writers on our website, so if you’re interested in writing, please get in touch.