Telemedicine is a very wide area and you are bound to find something to offer online regardless of your medical skill. You may choose to read X-ray images for doctors who simply do not have the time to do so in case you have radiology skill. Regardless of whether you are a doctor, a surgeon or a pharmacist, there is a company, organization or individuals ready to pay for your service, which you can easily offer online.

Software Developer

Software developers are no doubt some of the well paid individuals in the world today. You may actually be lucky if your product is purchased by a major establishment such as Facebook! You may choose to restrict yourself to developing software applications in which case you will be involved in computer games and information processing or choose to develop system software where you will be involved in developing such things as operating systems. In addition to your computing skill, you will need to have personal discipline and innate interest in the job to succeed.

High Risk Investmentsforex

There are people who also consider going towards Foreign Exchange and Stocks. Mind you, these are really high risk investments, that being said, they can also be avenues for good returns if you understand that sort of thing. There are a lot of guides for FX trading out there for anyone who wants to start trading and it can be a good way to increase your income on the side, if you have the proper discipline and the knowledge to do so. The fact is, trading has become easier with so many online brokers available. You can basically open a forex trading account in less than five minutes with brokers like ICMarkets.