Everyone wants their garden to be lush and green. Pests are a lot of trouble and will affect the health of your garden. One of the safest ways to deal with them is to make your own pest spray with simple homemade ingredients.

Keep your home and garden free of pests by following the natural remedies below

  1. Garlic and mint spray

To reduce outdoor pests, the garlic and mint spray works like magic. All you need is some mint leaves, garlic cloves, a pinch of cayenne pepper and few drops of dish washing liquid. Mix all of them and boil it in a vessel. Let the mixture stay overnight. The next morning strain the solution into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the plants to keep them pest free.

  1. Coffee grounds

Unlike humans pests and critters dislike coffee.  Coffee grounds are deadly to ants.  Sprinkle coffee grounds in the areas where pests emerge. You can also use recycled coffee grounds to repel bugs around your home.

  1. Borax and sugar

You can quickly drive away ants with the help of the borax and sugar mixture. In a spray bottle, mix 1/2 cup of sugar, one cup of warm water and 2 tablespoons Borax. Find the source of the ants and spray this mixture directly on it. Use this solution until the ants are gone.

  1. Dust mite repellent

To prepare mite repellent, you will need essential oils of clove, eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint. Fill water in a spray bottle and add 10-15 drops of all the essential oil. Use this spray to mist your bed and allow it to dry. Mites will stay away from the area that has this smell. To make the solution stronger, mix basil and lemongrass. It will keep away dust mites as well as fleas and lice.

  1. Hot pepper spray

In a gallon of water mix 3 tablespoons of hot pepper flakes or 10 finely chopped fresh peppers. If cayenne pepper is available, you can use it instead of the ordinary peppers. Pour the mixture into a pan and stir it in a medium flame for 15 minutes. Keep the mixture aside for 24 hours. Then strain the solution and add few drops of dish soap so that the mixture will stay on the plants. This combination will battle against pests. NYCity Pest Control experts came up with an info graphic that has other alternate ways in which you can use pepper to repel pests.

  1.  Fruit fly trap

Fly trap

To set this trap, you will need a bottle or container that is tunnel shaped on the top so that flies can get in and not out. Fill the bottom of the container with apple cider vinegar and small pieces of apple. This mixture is a great trap to catch flies.

  1. Bananas and tin foil

Under the soil line place chopped bananas in a way that they are around the stem. Bananas will repel aphids and also add nutrients to the soil while keeping pests away. To get rid of aphids under the leaves place foil around the base of the plant. Sunlight is reflected off the foil and directed to the underside of the leaves. Too much of light will burn the plant so be careful while following this method.