Hues of orange, turkey, gratitude – do they remind you of thanksgiving? Yes, of course! Celebrate this special event with decorating your home using easy ideas, with how-to-do tips!

Use a Pinboard

If you have a pin-board in your home (in your study maybe?), pin up small pieces of orange paper on it. Pin up a header saying ‘Thank you..’ and keep a marker nearby. You can hang this in your parlor or somewhere near your entrance. Allow your guests to write down who they wish to thank on the orange pieces.¬† At the end of the day you will have an emotional keepsake where appreciation has been given to people. It will also keep guests busy and happy.


Hang a Quote

How easy can decoration be? Take out a printout of a fun quote! We suggest this one.


Use a ready-made frame to frame it up and hang it near your dining table or fireplace. It will certainly cheer up your guests, while being a quick decoration idea!

Use Creative Plates

Thanksgiving is more about a good dining experience also. So why not spend a little on good plates that can come in handy all around the year? Go for maple shaped, orange ones!

“Creative Converting Autumn Reverie Square Dinner Plates” are available at Amazon.


Painted Pumpkins

Are your kids bored on their thanksgiving break? Give them some pumpkins to paint! Ask them to paint it in orange hues and place these at your doorstep or around the fireplace.