Bake Thanksgiving Cakes

Get creative with your dinner decoration. Bake a bunch of cakes in the shape of maple leaves, using interesting silicon moulds available online.



thanksgiving day

Add some orange food colour before you bake and place them on the dining table for easy and pretty munch-on snacks.

String it Up

This will again prove to be an interesting activity for your kids. To brighten up your windows, take some string and string through some interesting craft. You can buy some maple confetti and put it through or write down gratitude notes for people instead. Use colourful paper. Hang it using your curtain rods.


Use Creative Centerpieces

Candles are a popular way of decorating. Use them as centrepieces, but create fancy holders for them. If you have small glasses at home, you can buy some orange cellophane and tape it around your classes. Then keep some small candles in them  so that it looks dusky and beautiful on your dining table. You can tie ribbons around your glasses also! Add some scented oils in your candles to make it smell beautiful too!

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Hang a Wreath

You can brighten up your entrance by hanging a nice wreath on your door. You can create one yourself. Ask your kids to collect some fallen autumn leaves and twigs. Paste them around a circular wire with some artificial yellow flowers. You can create your own as per your taste! Hang one near your fireplace too.

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Do all the preparations beforehand otherwise you will end up like one of these. :)

Tell us which one you liked best! Happy Thanksgiving!