There are simply many specialized online dating sites on the web. These sites do not exist for the sake of it. They exist to satisfy the need of millions of men and women, both young and old from across the world looking for love. While some sites offer free dating sites, others charge a fee for use of their service. Dating online is however not limited to specialized dating sites. Social network sites have also become fertile grounds for millions of men and women who need to love and be loved.

Even though there are those who have found genuine love through dating and social network sites, there are those who simply do not wish to talk about their online dating experience. This is because of stressful experiences they have had to go through. There are indeed those who have had to o through rape ordeals. This is because it is on dating sites that you are most likely to find cheaters out to fleece and misuse you in any way they can. This calls for serious need to look out for warning signs or red flags when dating online. Below are just 8 things you need to look out for:

No Profile Picture(s)

Whoever said that a picture speaks a thousand words never erred. Although dating online means dating a stranger, you are in a position to tell whether or not the person you are dating is genuine by simply looking at his/her picture. You need to be wary of a person who does not send you his/her picture or a person who does not have any picture on his/her social network profile.

No Webcamonline dating

Communication is key when you need to succeed with dating online and one of the most effective communication channels is by use of webcam. In addition a person’s picture, you need to communicate with the person through webcam in order to really know the kind of person you are dating. You seriously need to be wary of a person who is not willing to communicate with you through webcam. Such a person will simply not want you to know who you are dealing with.

Age Difference

Those who date do not necessarily be of the same age. Indeed, it is recommended that you date a younger lady if you are a man and an older man if you are a woman. However, a huge difference in age should be your first sign that yours is not a genuine dating partner. While dubious young women who date look for men much older than them, dubious men look for women much younger than them.


Dating Speed

Dating is a process that needs to flow on its own. Neither party should ever be in a rush during the dating process. You need to be very wary of an online dating partner who always wants you to make quick decisions without giving you time to consider whatever it is that he/she proposes.


This is one of the most important things you need to look out for when dating online. It is important that you keep track of your dating partners’ email and phone communication. Pay attention to his/her career details, location and lifestyle. Any discrepancy on any of these during further communication should serve as a clear warning that your date is not genuine.


A person’s accent usually serves to indicate from where he/she originates from. Depending on initial information you obtain from initial conversation, be wary of a partner who suddenly picks up a different accent.

Too Much Sympathy

It is perfectly normal to sympathize with your dating partner in case he/she falls ill or when he/she experiences a traumatizing event. However, too much sympathy demonstrated in unreasonable manner should serve as a red flag that your partner is up to no good.

Unnecessary Details

Although genuine dating requires that you and your partner open up to each other, you will need to be very careful with a partner who divulges too much about him/herself and in particular about his/her past. Such a person will be out to first get your sympathy on the way to accomplishing his/her mission.

Online dating can not only be fulfilling; it can be very fruitful. This is so long as you know the simple things to look out for; things that help you avoid scams.