After a busy day of my hustle bustle life I finally got home, slam the door shut and jump onto my bed. Wow what a relief! I stood up, look myself in the mirror and there I saw a person who now lives for everybody but herself. Don’t I deserve some time for myself, was the question that I asked out loud.

Everybody once in their lives realize this thing sooner or later and those who don’t, well now they should. Stealing a little time for yourself and treasuring those moments of joy is your right. Sitting on a window sill, coffee in hand and staring at sky, imagining yourself in a land far off that you used to dream off as a child. Or picture anything in any way that you cannot or do not want to share because these are your little secrets, that will remain with you forever.

So you see seeking solitude has its own rewards. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Solitude helps boost creativity:solitude

Being creative among a sea of people chattering and babbling can be the most annoying and difficult thing in life. You want a peace of mind to think-outside-the-box. You see your mind as a canvas waiting for ideas to paint a picture on it. This can only be achieved when you are free from any distraction.

Helps improve concentration and mental abilities:

Ever wondered why meditation is practiced alone? Well the answer is here. Sitting alone helps your mind and body to revitalize. Work that requires thought processing and concentration should be done in solitude as it helps in mind mapping because you depart yourself from any distractions and interruptions that can hinder the process.

Helps in GvSparx- Happy Alonetaking decision:

Sometimes taking a decision becomes so difficult. You run to different people seeking their advice. In the end, you are left from where you started. Why not sit alone and ask yourself what your inner self wants?

You discover who you are:

Sitting alone and assessing yourself helps you to find out your strengths and weaknesses. You actually discover the hidden person in you, who is being overshadowed in the race of life.

Helps you to reboot:

Sometimes being alone just makes up your mood and you get recharged for the next busy day.solitude

Have fun alone:

It’s never always about doing something productive. Sometimes you just need space from others to enjoy on your own. Go watch a movie, read books, play games, go out to beach or do anything you want. Be a kid :)

You cherish your relationship:

Last but not the least solitude helps you understand the blessings of being with someone. A laugh to join you, A shoulder to cry upon, a compliment to make you confident, a hug to support or even a hand to hold gives you an intimacy of being with someone, after all a human is born to be a social animal.

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