Author: Ariba

Irregular Periods in Women

Irregular periods have always been a problem for one girl or the other, especially when she is new to this phase. Before discussing this issue let us first discuss what menstruation is? When a female reaches Puberty at the age of 12-16 years she undergoes the process of Menstruation or vaginal bleeding. Menstruation is a process in which a woman undergoes a series of hormonal changes and growth and maturation of reproductive system and the uterus sheds its lining. This process involves bleeding through vagina which occurs on monthly basis during the reproductive years of a female showing that...

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Skin Aging – Causes and Cure

Skin Aging is the condition which skin acquires with the passage of time. As you grow old, the essential proteins which tighten up the skin are lost resulting in aging.┬áLet’s discuss┬ásome of the prominent signs of skin aging: Wrinkles Black spots Skin loosening Leather-look texture Production of lesions Causes of Skin Aging Skin care is most important worry of women today, therefore, dermatologists have been searching for the genetic causes of aging since decades so that they can find perfect antidote to cure it. With time, the medical research has got wings to fly higher and higher, scientists have...

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