6. Helps in Weight Loss

“Green tea helps to reduce weight”, this statement is still controversial. It has been proved that green tea helps in lowering the bad cholesterol which is one of the causes of obesity, therefore, it can be deduced that green tea combined with good diet and exercise can also help in reducing weight.

7. Odor Absorbent

Used teabags help to absorb odours from surroundings leaving behind a nice fragrance. You can use the tea leaves from the used teabags in a vacuum cleaner to get a nice smell on the carpet.  By sprinkling the leaves at various different places like a closet, kitchen cabinets etc can deodorise the place.

8. Nourish your Plants

Teabags do wonders for the plants. It serves as an organic fertiliser by enriching the soil and providing essential nutrients. So used tea bags won’t be a piece of waste anymore :)

9. Aid in Old Age

Long-term benefits of green tea have also been observed. It helps your brain to function properly when you grow old. Certain compounds present in green tea have protective effects on lowering the risks of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases which are quite common in old age.

10. Prevents Diabetes

Green tea helps the metabolic system to function better, therefore, it is good for people with diabetes. Compounds called Polyphenols present in green tea can also help regulate glucose in the body thus helping to prevent or control diabetes.

So these were some of the useful and fascinating benefits of green tea that everyone should know! Buy healthy, be healthy!

Do you know of some other amazing benefits of green tea? Please share with us :)