Losing weight refers to reduction of your body mass, which can be due to disease/illness or intentional. While unintentional weight loss calls for medical attention, you initiate intentional weight loss with the aim of having a lean body. One major reason initiating intentional weight loss becomes necessary is in case you are overweight or obese, in which case you stand a high risk of developing such serious but preventable diseases/health conditions as diabetes and heart disease among others.

Commonly referred to as slimming, intentional weight loss can be very beneficial. In addition to preventing occurrence of aforementioned diseases/health conditions, you also make it easy for your body structure and internal organs to function efficiently, leading to good health. Many individuals across the world are indeed conscious of their health and it is not surprising that a dedicated weight loss industry has emerged. There are simply many weight loss products in the market including dietary supplements and other weight loss equipment and gadgets. Apart from such, there are other ways through which you can lose weight successfully and below are some of the best ways to lose weight.

Best ways to lose weight


Buying new dishware of smaller sizes can go a long way in helping you lose weight. This particularly applies in case you are a chronic overeater. Do you realize that you probably bought your large dishware just when your waistline started to grow? Instead of 12-inch across dishware, consider buying 10-inches across dishware. Different types of measurement dishware are available online and in stores as well.

Eat Before the Mirror

best ways to lose weight

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It has been proven that eating before the mirror has the positive effect of forcing you to eat less. Ever looked at yourself as you eat? It simply looks awkward and it is the awkwardness that forces you to abandon food with your brain “thinking” that the food is over. Looking at yourself in the mirror when eating also allows you to look at your body, sending a signal to your brain that it is that food that makes you overweight.

Sniff Vanilla

Most overweight cases develop from eating sugary food stuffs. Lighting a vanilla candle or spraying vanilla-scented perform in other rooms of the house is very beneficial when you need to lose weight. This is because sniffing vanilla scent suppresses your appetite, allowing you to eat less.

Have more Sex

Believe it or not, having more sex and attaining orgasm every time you have sex has the positive effect of increasing level of DHEA, a hormone whose increase is triggered by sexual excitement. In addition to boosting your immune system, the hormone also works as an antidepressant and encouraging good health. Do not forget that having sex is also a form of exercise that burns calories.

Go Blue or Green

Blue and green are colors with a calming effect especially on your brain. This calming effect is also beneficial when it comes to eating. This is because it suppresses your appetite, allowing you to only eat enough.