Sleep Early

Old man sleeping

Though we seriously don’t mean this!
Image credit: ePsos

It is common knowledge that having sufficient sleep helps in weight loss. What many do not know is that going to bed early also plays a very important role in weight loss. Sleeping late encourages you to eat more, which encourages weight gain.

Eat with the Opposite Sex

This works well when you eat out on a regular basis. Eating together with a person of the opposite sex naturally forces you to eat less, in effect minimizing amount of calories that you consume, which in turn leads to gradual weight loss.

Eat in Fitting Clothes

What you wear when eating has been ascertained to determine how much you eat. You need to avoid eating when in loose clothing such as pajamas. This is because loose clothing give you the impression that you are slim and need to eat more to “fill” up the loose part.

Toothpaste Diet

Using a toothpaste diet works well if you are already following a weight loss diet. It only involves brushing your teeth just before eating. The mint flavor enables you to resist the temptation to eat sugary food stuffs.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum whenever you feel hungry tricks your brain and by extension your stomach that you are eating. Gum flavour has the positive effect of reducing your appetite in addition to stimulating release of saliva, allowing your body to use deposited fat, which helps in reducing your body weight.

These are just a few of the best ways that can help you cut down on your excess body weight. You however need to monitor your weight loss progress as you implement them.

Did any of these work for you? Any other interesting weight loss techniques that you know of? Do share with us!