Finding an easy yet delicious blueberry cheesecake recipe? Well your search ends here. This recipe is a must try as I came out with it after trying 2-3 famous recipes and then inventing a version of my own. The cheesecake just turned out yum and it became yummier the day after. All of them simply loved it!

I was so excited that I completely forgot to take a picture before and then took it when was compelled by my sister, so it was already being eaten by then lol. But the cake itself was so yummy that I cannot stop myself sharing this recipe with you guys. You can contribute by posting a picture of your handmade cake here, that would be a great honour. :)


150 g  digestive biscuits

50 g melted butter

54 oz cream cheese ( I used kiri cream cheese cubes)

200 g condensed milk

1 tbsp gelatin powder

1-1/2 tbsp lemon juice

1-2 drops vanilla essence

100 ml cream

blueberry pie filling as needed


For Base:

1.Crush biscuits with the help of a rolling pin.

2. Mix biscuit crumbs with melted butter and then press this mixture in a loose bottomed cake pan.

3.Bake in a preheated oven for 8-10 minutes.

4. Let it cool completely.