For Filling:

1. Take cream cheese, condensed milk, and vanilla essence in a bowl and gently beat till the mixture becomes smooth.

2. Add lemon juice and cream to the mixture. Gently beat again.

3.Dissolve gelatine powder in 1/4 cup  hot water , making sure no lumps are formed. Then pour it in the cream cheese mixture with constant stirring.

4. Now pour this mixture on the prepared biscuit base and place it in fridge overnight till it sets.

5. When your cake is set, spread the blueberry pie filling on the top.


Cakes and brownies are always a delight. I hope you will like my recipe and will post a comment below to appreciate and encourage me. I have also posted recipes for yummy chocolate brownies and  buttery glossy cupcakes. Do try them as well.


After trying out my blueberry cheesecake recipe let me know how it turned out :)