Tea is one of the most popular drink all over the world (after water, of course). This makes sense as we all love to drink a hot cup of tea. Be it the taste of chai or the health benefits of green tea, there’s something good for everyone. But, if you are stuck with only one kind of tea, it is time to explore other options as well.  Here are different kinds of tea that not only taste well but are also loaded with health benefits.

Black Tea

Black tea is the most popular variety of tea and is consumed in almost every country around the world. This tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It is rolled, fermented, dried and then crushed. It has a slightly bitter taste as it contains around 40 milligrams of caffeine per cup. It is mostly preferred by people who are looking for a healthier substitute to coffee.  Also, it contains antioxidants that help in reducing cholesterol levels which further cuts the risk of a stroke.


Green Tea

Green tea has a more natural flavor as it contains only 25 milligrams of caffeine per cup. This type of tea is made by drying and heat- treating its leaves soon after they are picked from the farms. Green Tea which is full of antioxidants may help prevent heart diseases as well as Cancer. People who want to lose weight usually prefer green tea and much more opt for online shopping for green tea in India.


White Tea

White tea leaves are picked when the plant is much younger and fresh, this is why they are mild in taste and contain less caffeine. When it comes to health, white tea provides great preventive health benefits such as fighting cardiovascular diseases and cancerous symptoms. Along with this, it also improves your glucose levels and reduces bad cholesterol.


Flavored Tea

Flavored tea has aromatic flavors like rose, jasmine, and lavender which are paired with green, black or white tea. Flavored teas will provide you with the same benefits that herbal tea does. You may consume these on a regular basis without worrying about any side effects.

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