Welcome to our astrology room! Part of astrology, zodiac signs no doubt hold very exciting meanings. Reading your sign leaves you smiling while admitting that what the sign says is indeed a description of your personality. Looking at the date that corresponds to your Zodiac sign is literally looking at your sun sign, which refers to the sun’s position when you were born. Reading and understanding the signs is however not restricted to you. You may consider knowing another person’s birthday and automatically be able to know his/her personality.

What Is Your Sign?

 Aries (Ram) March 21 – April 19

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Born between March 21st and April 19th? You are one of the strongest man or woman living on earth. In addition to being strong-willed, you are also very creative and insightful. Although you may be angered very quickly, you are very ambitious and will always what you set out to achieve. You are also one of the most loyal people one can find.

Taurus (Bull) April 20 – May 20

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Just like the bull, you have a very strong will-power. You are also very energetic. You are however very stubborn since you always stand your ground no matter the situation. You have some very attractive qualities though; you always appreciate others, you show love and sympathy. This is why you are very good at doing business or molding our youngsters.

Gemini (Twins) May 21 – June 20

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Your power of influence is un-matched. You have the capacity to comprehend a serious situation and act on it, with very fruitful results. This is because of your high sense of balance, adaptability and flexibility. You are also imaginative and very affectionate. This is why you make a very good salesman/woman.

Cancer (Crab) June 21 – July 22


You like being alone most of the time simply because you are a conservative. It is no wonder that you simply like to be at home just to ensure that the family and everything in the home is right. This is so because you are not only loyal but also very sympathetic to everyone around you.

Leo (Lion) July 23 – August 22

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You exhibit power. It is therefore not surprising that lion is your sign. You are very savvy when it comes to analyzing situations and making quick but appropriate conclusions. That is why you were born a natural leader.

Virgo (Virgin) August 23 – September 22


You have a special kind of mind. With power and ability to obtain information from anyone, you have the capacity to socialize with almost everybody. It is therefore not surprising that you get along very well with everyone. You however have one serious misgiving; you tend to express your opinion even where your opinion is not required.