Many know yogurt as a good source of calcium. In addition to calcium, eating eight ounces of non-fat yogurt provides your body with about 580 milligrams of potassium. You can just have like that or you can make scrumptious desserts.

foods high in potassium

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Tomatoes have always been considered to be super fruits. This is because just a quarter cup of paste provides your body with about 3 milligrams of vitamin E, 35 milligrams of lycopene, 54 milligrams of calories and 665 milligrams of potassium.


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Apricots are the other good sources of potassium. Just eating 100 grams of apricots provides your body with about 1165 milligrams of the nutrient, which is about 33% of your daily requirement. Because dried apricots contain high sugar levels, consider eating them fresh.

foods high in potassium

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According to  USDA Nutrient Database each medium sized serving provides you with 422 mg of potassium which is a good dose!


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Carrot juice

You must have been aware of the rising trend of juice diets, if not then do check out our post on it. Well if you are having 3/4 cup of a carrot juice then you are providing your body 500 mg of potassium. Not only this, but carrot juice is a combination of wonderful vitamins and minerals like Vit A, folate and minerals like magnesium,calcium and iron etc that are very essential for your body.

foods high in potassium

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These are just a few of the many foods high in potassium. It is however important to point out that eating some (not all) of these foods provides your body with sugar, which may not be good in case you are diabetic.