Life as we know it gets into this loopy state where we are always following a routine, its then the level of excitement in life just drops down to an all time low. There’s a lot you can do to spice up your life, and I don’t mean spice it up in your food, though that could be one of the routes you could go for, if it is a change for you. It’s always when something new happens in your life, things change, they become more alive!

red chili

Image credit: Agustín Ruiz

Try something new

Whether it be food, clothes, a new restaurant, exploring a new area of town, there’s a million things you can come up with if you really think about it. There’s always something new to do but we’re all stuck up in our routines enough to not notice the day go by. The real issue is time, the way we manage it. If you really want to experience something new, you have to take out time and make it work. The fact is, it’s you who drives your world. Time to get into the driving seat again!

Do something useful every day

There should be one thing you do every day you can count as something that is useful to you and others around you. It could be something simple, yet fulfilling. Start a personal project and work on it, anything to get yourself involved in something YOU want to do. If possible get people involved, you’ll find you’ve found yourself an activity you want to spend time on and you’ll feel a certain excitement when you see yourself getting to your goals. Everything is possible, it’s usually impossible only if we don’t try.

There’s always more to life

Life can be great at times, on the other hand it can be downright cruel at times. There are thick and thin moments and we should all reveal in the fact that we have friends and family to look towards and share with. Maybe being thankful is something we do less of, so start being a bit thankful for your life and the people around you. Find people who aren’t that blessed and maybe you’ll find yourself a wonderful friend. Sharing new experiences, can be as simple as meeting someone new and letting them show you their world. Every person’s perception of life can be different. There are a lot of things you can learn from just observing others and the way they handle situations life throws at them. There’s a lot people can learn from you and maybe you’ve been hiding around somewhere.


Image credit: zed475

Discover the world

If it’s possible for you, and you can afford it. The biggest rush you can get in life is from visiting a totally new part of this world. It’s the best experience hands down. This world being so big and beautiful, I couldn’t stop talking about the most amazing things you can see, the people you can meet, the experiences you can have and the kind of food you can taste. Every time I’ve had the luxury of travelling it’s been like a dream that ended too soon. There were some places I’d loved to have spent a lot more time exploring. I wish we had the luxury of seeing every part of this world, it’s sad that we can’t all do that with the financial constraints that travel brings.