There is a saying which says “A man is defined by his shoes”. We find it funny but the saying is not wrong actually…shoes do define your personality. Wondering how? Let’s have a look at it then!

High Heels

People who are use to of wearing uncomfortable shoes like high heels are generally calm and cool. These people like attention and wear confidence.

shoes define your personality

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Shabby Looking Shoes

These people are carefree and not really care what people think about their appearance. Not easy people to form relation with. They are busy in their own world. They have other problems to tackle than looking good.


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Well-kept Shoes

These people care a lot about their relationships and tend to be sensitive in how people judge them and their appearance.


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People wearing these shoes are confident, busy in their professional lives. They are not easy to get along with. They find simple ways to get things done.


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People wearing these shoes are sporty, ambitious and love exploring. They are creative and love creating ideas.


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