The fad of losing weight quickly is raging as new techniques and technologies are coming out to satisfy the demands of consumers. People are more inclined to ideas which work quickly and easily.  The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics, intriguing posts about losing weight, and such other emotional testimonials posted on media portals and social websites trigger the  emotions of people and they easily fall for such products or ideas.

What is HCG?

HCG is short for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced  in pregnant women. When released, the idea is that it tells the body to release fat cell’s that are usually kept away by the body as reserve fat. Medically, it is used to counter fertility issues but there is new research that leads to believe that it can greatly help in patients lose weight at a better pace, with the diet that goes along with it. The drug itself cannot make you lose weight, however, the way it seems to work changes how you lose weight and at what pace. There have been a lot of people searching and discussing this new possible treatment. Along with all the possible benefits, there are some conspiracies that loom around it too.

HCG Diet-Things You Should Know

hcg diet

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HCG Diet calls for a severe calorie restriction of about 500-800 calories per day, I’ve even read of people going with less calories a day, along with this you are daily injected with minimal amount of this drug, by a doctor, keep in mind this is seriously not the type of treatment that can be done without the supervision of medical practitioner. People claimed that by following this diet they lose their weight much faster then any other method but this method of losing weight is still controversial. It  would seem that when you cut calories by that much you are sure to lose weight, so then what is the role of human chorionic gonadotropin?

In an article by  Sheri L. Emma, MD Creator of Dr. Emma’s HCG Protocol,she tries to explain the role of ‘human chorionic gonadotropin’ used in HCG diet plan. According to her:

  •  It reduces your appetite. you feel less hungry so you eat less.
  •  It helps the body make more hormones, which helps your thyroids or any hormonal imbalance in a patients body, which would normally cause weight gain.
  • Injections are the only reliable way to intake HCG as other methods like pills and sprays are likely to dissolve before they can even enter the blood stream.

So it may be concluded that HCG helps the way a diet can make you lose weight. You may check out various recipe books available on HCG diet plan here, maybe a strict diet for quite a while can help you lose some fat ;)

However there is till a lot of debate going on whether this diet is safe and appropriate or not. Scientifically it has been concluded that weight loss by this diet is only due to the fact that the calorie intake in this diet is that low.

Is HCG Diet safe?

US FDA has not approved over-the-counter sales of products containing hcg targeting weight loss however it is still available legally on prescriptions related to fertility issues.

HCG diet involves cutting off a lot of calories at a very fast pace which may result in serious health related problems like malnutrition, formation of gall stones etc. It is therefore advised to take the higher road and cut down your weight with other diets, which cause less danger to your health and avoid using a quick yet risky method. It is said that slow and steady wins the race so why not choose a proper method and let it happen naturally? At least you won’t be exposed to the risky side effects!

Have you tried HCG diet before? Or are you planning to? Feel free to discuss your experiences.