The newest fad that has gained immense popularity is that of juice diet. For those whose weight loss efforts have been in vain, it might be good news! Equipped with just a juice blender and a supply of specified fruits and vegetables, followers of this fad claim that it is the quickest way possible to shed those extra pounds. In the world of weight loss, a huge range of diets come and go, but juice diet has been staying for quite a lot of time. Let’s have a look at how they work and their pros and cons.juice diet

How juice diet work

Juice diet involves drinking specific juices for a specified amount of time. For instance, if you are following a seven-day juice diet, you will have to follow a schedule for each day, with juices specified for specific times during the day. And don’t get this wrong! They aren’t the so-called fresh juices packed in colored cardboard – you will have to make each of the juices yourself. They involve some ridiculous combinations which might make one cringe (such as ginger and beetroot with lemon), but all of it is aimed at a healthy diet. A huge sacrifice which followers have to make is foregoing solids. This means that all you have to do the entire day is to blend and drink, drink and blend!

However, this diet has faced a lot of controversy; here are a few pros and cons.


  • The diet has been followed as part of detox plans, where people get a nutrition boost through them. The fruits and vegetables flush the system of waste, as Jason Vale, who campaigns for these diets, says, “We should never underestimate the power of freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices.”
  • Those who prepare this diet claim that a pound can be lost per day.
  • There are multiple benefits – immune system gets a boost, it makes your skin glow, aids digestion and helps prevent cancer.
  • Fruits and vegetables in liquid form are easier to digest.


  • Healthy fiber is lost during juicing. Most fruits involved in these diets or fasts do not provide you with the right amount of proteins and fats.
  • One may face headaches which are hunger-related since you have to cut down on a lot of calories.juice diet
  • People with diabetes, kidney disease, or those undergoing chemotherapy have a high chance of facing side-effects. This diet is not recommended for them.


  • Those who do not own a juice blender will have to spend some bucks to get one!

Juice diets may have their own disadvantages but with people talking of good results with this, it seems they are here to stay.

Have you ever followed a juice diet? Let us know about your experience by commenting below!