Cooking a perfect steak can be so much of a hassle. How to make it an easy ride? Which piece of meat to be chosen and how to cook it perfectly? How do chefs make them? We bring you easy steps to help you sail through it! What is a steak, essentially speaking? It is a quick-cooking piece of meat, one that is not rich in fibrous tissue. Steak was invented as a dish in the mid-20th century, and New Yorkers pride themselves on beginning the tradition of steak houses. At the core of this dish is the enjoyment of beef. Americans popularly have this dish with starch, such as potatoes and some vegetables, probably buttered ones. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

Selection of Meat

Steaks are made popularly with beef. There are a variety of cuts that one can start with. We discuss a few of the famous ones first!

  • Rib eye steak is rich and beefy with a big portion of fat.
  • The strip is a cut that is moderately tender. However it is easy to cut.
  • The tenderloin is very tender to eat unlike the above, and it is less fatty as well!To start off, select your choice of meat which is one bone thick.

Preparation and Marination

  • The meat used for steak should be cut perpendicular to the meat fibres.
  • Marination will be according to your choice. Popular chefs simply marinate their steak in salt and pepper. You can add a bit of thyme and butter too according to them.

Our tip: Sprinkle some Worcestershire sauce for the English effect.

  • Marination time: 15 minutes minimum.

Want to try our recipe for a perfect steak? Well it’s mention below:


  • Put in some oil on a heavy pan. Let it heat on a low flame.
  • Lay down your steak onto the hot oil and let it cook. You can put on a lid and let it cook for a moist, pink steak.
  • Sear it for 3 minutes on this side until it is a golden brown colour.
  • Flip it to the other side and let it cook on that side evenly as well.
  • Cook the steak on its edges as well for a few seconds to brown them.
  • Gordon Ramsay:  In one of his recipes, he suggests adding thyme, a garlic clove and some olive oil to the pan while you’re frying in it. It will add some real flavour.
  • Cooking time: 10 minutes

It is completely your choice to have your steak rare, medium-rare or well done. Let us give you some really quick videos demonstrating the cooking of steak. You can see how Gordon Ramsay is making you understand how to know whether your steak is rare, medium-rare or well done.

How To Cook A Steak by Gordon Ramsay by GiftsAustralia

Another video of chef Richard Chamberlain, owner of Chamberlain’s Steak and Chophouse in Dallas grilling a perfect steak!


  • It is the accompaniment that makes the steak taste yummy. We bring to you a favourite – mashed potatoes.


– One potato (Serving size –  1 person) – A pat of butter – salt and pepper for seasoning


  • Boil your peeled potatoes until a little soft.
  • Mash through a sieve into a pan.
  • The potatoes will come silky smooth.
  • On a low flame, add butter, around 1 tbsp for 1 potato and mix it in until it melts.
  • Add salt and pepper as desired.

Other things that you can do to make your steak dinner yummy:

  • Sautee onion slices in Worcestershire sauce, and a little bit of brown sugar for caramelisation.
  • You can add a sprig of watercress as per Chef Gary Mehigan to your plate.
  • He also suggests adding a bit of butter to your meat when plating it.

Having a creamy mushroom sauce just makes our steaks more yummy. Looking for a recipe? We have it for you!

How To Make The Ultimate Mushroom Sauce by askmen

Remember – keeping ingredients fresh and using them well will add to your steak. Enjoy your food, eat your favorite food but do not exceed eating anything, maintain a balanced diet. Also keep in mind foods that may be harmful for your health.

Have you ever cooked a perfect steak? What accompaniments do you like? Share with us!