Harry Potter fans would be able to recall the eccentric Professor Trelawney’s predictions through her tarot cards. Sirius and Lupin both die as per her foreboding through her pack of cards. Originally made for the purpose of playing, tarot cards have landed into the hands of mystics, into misty quarters of fortune tellers, all using them to reveal the futures of anxious customers.
Charges can range from $10 by ‘amateurs’ to even exorbitant amounts, as high as $80 by experts, with the option of consulting them over the phone. Books on tarot card reading also get published, with people become reliant on mystics to decide their futures. HoTarot cardswever, the question is, is it all worth it?

Card readers would tell you they are trained for the job, and would fire their predictions in an instant, making you feel the money was well-spent. However, they will also ask a list of questions about your personal life. It is these innocent questions that are their
magic trick, and not the shiny cards splayed on their table. It is their ability to get a conversation started that makes them masters of their trade, rather than fortune-telling. As customers pour out their hearts to these fortune-tellers, they sift their desires, their wishes from all the information. The predictions then tell you that the future will herald exactly what you’ve been wishing for.

Reality of Tarot Cards:

An article published in the Daily Mail online had the confessions of a ‘mystic’. Erin Auerbach revealed¬†about her customers, “They just wanted to talk to a friendly voice. Some people had terrible problems and cried a lot.” Hence, tarot cards are only a crafty way of probing into lives and making people hear what they’ve always wanted to. With an ambience suited to delude the customers, these divination experts are quite experienced at siphoning information from their customers.

Tarot cards are produced in factories, and are just like any other cards. Hence, believing in them as a guide to the future would be rootless. Moreover, the fact that they were introduced by Italians for playing in the 14th century, and were used for divination 4 centuries later, shows that they have only been a mere addition to mystics’ possessions. Therefore, it is only the fortune-teller sitting across the table who is the key and not the tarot cards.

Psychics will claim that tarot cards readings ring true. The reality actually lies in the ability of these psychics in extracting the bio data of their customers. Hence, tarot-card reading remains a mere money-making exercise, where the interactive abilities of the readers come handy, and the tarot cards are simply an accessory.tarot cards