On big days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines etc things may possibly go wrong. Its almost a miracle when days like such are perfect. Sometimes you cant help it, its supposed to go wrong but if you are prepared before hand then you might save yourself from a big disaster. So save yourself from any trouble to enjoy your thanksgiving day peacefully!

1. Your Knives Are Not Sharp Enough

Make sure to check all your cooking wares before you start planning for thanksgiving dinner. Knives should be sharpened beforehand to cut turkey through otherwise you will seem like a helpless butcher.

thanksgiving day

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2. You Are Running out of Enough Crockery

That will be an absolute embarrassment if you run out of bowls and plates at the time of serving dinner just because you haven’t checked it before. Make a list of what you will need and how you will serve, do you have a proper dinner set and glasses or you need to go and grab some.


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3. You Misplaced Your Recipes and Now You Don’t Have Enough Time to Go and Search For One

So many delicious recipes you note down and now you can’t find any of them because you aren’t able to remember where you saved them last time.

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Sure, that’ll impress your guests!

4. Your Turkey Got Burnt

You were so occupied in other preparations that you completely forgot to check your turkey. After coming out of oven it was just a burnt black piece of meat.


turkeySometimes it also happens that a part of your turkey gets cooked but the rest of the part is still raw so don’t worry, just put a piece of foil on the part of turkey which is cooked and let the rest part of the meat cook till done.


5. Running Now and Then to Store Because You Forget Something Each Time

Always make a list as what things you will be needing and do your shopping accordingly. Start your preparation a week before. So that you can make another visit too if you forgot something. Its way better then running on the same day.

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