Smoking that became popular back in the 70’s is now somewhat under control, though that may be there are still quite a lot of smokers out there. Fact is as dirty a habit it may be, its not easy for any smoker to get off this habit. Once a smoker is addicted it takes a lot of self restraint on their part and the people around them to get them out of this habit.

Knowing what kind of problems they could face long before they run into them may be a good way to get your message through. Awareness of possible health problems should at least create concern in the person smoking. Although its always advisable to seek help from people going through this problem and in some cases those that have been through the process.

Possible health issues you can face from smoking

1. Chronic Bronchitis

This is a very severe condition in which you feel congested in your chest, are coughing up sputum and you have trouble breathing properly. This condition is caused from excess smoking which has basically inflamed the bronchial tubes of a person. The condition is confirmed when a person has sputum filled cough every day for three months, twice in a row, in two years. The only possible cure for Chronic Bronchitis is to quit smoking and avoid pollutant air.

2. Higher chances of lung cancer and various other kinds of cancers

Hazards of Smoking

Smoking automatically increases your chances of getting all types of cancers according to the CDC. The fact that the nicotine enters your blood stream and travels to all parts of your body, thus it could effect any part of your body. However, the most effected part is the Lungs that come into direct contact with the toxins involved.

3. Higher chances of Cardiovascular diseases

Chances of developing blood clots is much higher in smoking individuals. Blood clots can block the blood flowing to the heart and leave it oxygen deprived, which causes heart attacks. To compensate the heart beats faster or irregularly, which causes the heart muscle to get damaged or worse die.

4. Higher chances of a Stroke

The same way clots can develop in the blood flow to the heart, they can also form in the brain and block blood from getting to important parts of your brain, or a blood vessel bursts, which causes a stroke.

5. It can be the cause of type-2 Diabetes


Image credit: Chuck Grimmett

It has been researched that smoking can also lead to type-2 Diabetes and managing it can be difficult if you continue with the habit. The chances of developing diabetes grows as much as thirty-forty percent if you smoke.

6. It causes serious damage to your teeth over time

Smoking can be brutal to your teeth, the daily intake of smoke and nicotine plays hazard with your gums and teeth on its way to the lungs and then back out. Smokers should take extra care of their mouths to avoid having rotten teeth and gum diseases.

Other than these, smoking hurts the people around you, specially those that get exposed to the smoke. So if you do have to smoke, try to smoke away from your loved ones. If you’re making a life choice, it’s at least better to keep them safe. Altogether, would suggest on the long run to get rid of the habit.

It takes a lot to keep up your health while smoking, although it may seem difficult to let go of the habit at first, on the long term you will see the benefits and feel relief. There’s already a lot in life we all have to and want to do. So, if you want to be in good shape and enjoy it, you need to start living healthy!

Are you a smoker? or do you know someone who smokes? What are your thoughts? feel free to discuss this topic here.