Winter is almost here and now is the time to start the preparation! Shopping time girls :) Winter doesn’t mean that you will start looking boring and unappealing, you just need a little information and planning and there you are the sexy lady on the floor :p

Buying winter outfits and those which are trendy is not going to be difficult any more because we will help you in selecting the most sexiest and trendy fashion clothes that will look super cool yet comfortable and cozy.

Trendy Winter Outfits 2014

1. Longer, Over-sized Trench Coats

Trench coats are a must for every winter wardrobe. They flatter your outline and you can feel awesomely cozy in them.. You can wear absolutely anything inside! That is why they come at the top of the list – a combination of convenience and fashion. However, this year, longer coats have made it to the runway, so if the new coat is much longer than you wanted it to be, wear it! The longer it is, the more street-savvy you are.

winter outfits

Image credit: Vogue

2. Polo Neck Tees

They have recently made it to the winter closet list. Polo necks are smart and give you a sharp look. A black polo neck is even more chic. Knitwear polo is the way to go. You can layer it with a shirt and a coat for the warm and formal look.

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Image credit: Vogue

3. Bright Fur Coats

Eccentric furs are now in vogue, and you don’t have to worry about donning them – because everyone is going to be wearing it soon! This year, designers have revolutionized  the idea of subtle fur. Wear your brightly-colored fur coats over dark denims.

sexy winter outfits

Image credit: Glamour

4. Tailored Suits

Don’t shy away from donning a manly tailored suit this winter. Such dressing has made a comeback and fashion editors have noticed the trend. It makes you look smart and helps you keep yourself stylishly warm. It is not limited to the workplace and you can wear it to an evening out, paired with wedges.

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Image credit: Fashion Ekstrax

winter outfits

Image credit: Vogue

5. Dress up in Bold Prints

If you are going with a silk dress on a wintry evening, better make sure it’s tuned into the sixties or is super cheery. This is because your wallpaper design has made it to clothes this year . Winters are not going to be dull anymore.


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